With Racepoint Energy automation, you can take control of your utilities. 


Racepoint Energy is focused on solving many frustrating issues common to renewable energy.  We aim to mitigate the limitations encountered with home generation and consumption, including solar islanding, critical load panels, and time-of-use metering.  Additionally, Racepoint Energy is developing utility-scale tools for the transition into the smart grid.

We have developed an innovative solution that completely rethinks how home energy is measured and consumed, all while using the standard breaker.  Our technology allows you to monitor the energy used by each circuit (by room, appliance, etc), manage energy storage systems (such as the Tesla PowerWall) needed to keep your house “up and running“ even if the power companies go down and we can help you save money by regaining control of your smart and simple appliances, running them when energy is plentiful and cheap.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be publicly announcing our products and solutions.  Please sign up for our mailing list HERE if you’d like to be informed of these announcements.