The Value of a SMART grid

Racepoint Energy offers smart grid solutions for homes, businesses and communities.   Whether your motivation is security and safety during grid failures, economic savings or a more environmentally sustainable power source, Racepoint Energy nano and microgrids provide a complete turn-key solution.  


Security Benefits

It is often said that electricity is like air, you don’t think about it until it is gone. In recent years, we have seen more frequent blackouts due to aging infrastructure, increased demand and also forces of nature.

When the grid goes down, you need full home or business power without relying solely on fossil fuels, which can be both costly and difficult to get.

The Racepoint Energy microgrid gives you assurance that not only will your lights stay on but through our comprehensive Dynamic Load Management control system, you will be able to utilize all necessary functions in your home or business.


Economic Benefits

Decreasing renewable energy prices, increasing electricity and heating costs and changing utility rate structures provide an opportunity for consumers to save money and generate revenue by becoming "prosumers" (energy consumers + producers).   Additionally, significant revenue savings are gained from avoided power loss.  

There are numerous ways to reap financial savings from an Racepoint Energy microgrid solution and here we name just a few:

  • Dynamic Load Management to optimize Time-of-Use pricing

  • Financial incentives for solar and battery

  • Payment for battery availability

  • Record low solar pricing

  • Decreased Cost of Batteries

Financial Savings image RPE.png


Environmental Benefits

LEED logo.png

Climate Change is driving the U.S. and the world towards cleaner sources of energy for electricity, heat and transportation. Electricity generation accounts for over a third of Green House Gas emissions produced in the U.S. 

The Racepoint Energy Micro Grid Solution provides a environmentally sustainable way to power and manage your home energy needs.  The Racepoint Energy System is a valuable tool in achieving a number of building and regulatory standards including the Living Building Challenge, California Vision 2020 and LEED Certification.