The power grid is evolving.  It is getting smarter.  Only the most vigilant home and business owners will be able to take advantage of emerging technologies and the ever-changing rate structure of the by power companies.  Solar panels and other renewables are finally affordable, but when the grid goes down, roof top solar arrays won’t work.

You want reliable, affordable power all of the time without threat of power outages, noisy generators or a garage full of high-maintenance batteries. With Racepoint Energy, you can have it!

Racepoint Energy's resilient in-home solution for energy management provides automated, optimal control of residential and commercial electrical usage.   By controlling power consumption at the breaker box level, Racepoint Energy’s smart system uses energy when available from renewable sources and reduces grid dependence when rates for energy are high.  In the case of a power outage, the Racepoint Energy system seamlessly manages power so that you can continue life as normal for days without having to curtail your energy usage habits.

Racepoint Energy’s Solar Division has over 20+ years of industry knowledge and experience.  The team is ready to work with you on all of your residential and business energy management needs.